Investors earn Guaranteed 11.75% APR

The Realty Connexion Discount Real Estate Corp, a family-operated, Florida-based real estate investment company, is now offering fully-secured investments guaranteeing an annual return of 11.75% in passive earnings!

After a thorough review and inspection to determine feasibility and value, the company purchases Florida building lots and rural acreage. The majority of the acquisitions result from judicial and non-judicial foreclosure sales.  These valuable, vacant residential building lots and acreage tracts are then offered for sale to the public on their websites (where you can see up to a hundred properties for sale in nice neighborhoods and locations in a dozen different Florida counties):  Log on to .  or  to see current land offerings.

While the company does make cash sales and accepts down payments, most sales are by  Warranty Deed Agreement, whereby Seller-Financing is provided with no down payment required; a “Free & Clear” warranty deed is recorded in the Buyer’s name and a mortgage for the balance is taken back when the buyer has paid in a minimum of 50% of the purchase price.  It is these first mortgages that are for sale or hypothecation to investors. The face interest amount on these agreements is 8.95% APR.  The strategy is similar to a car dealer’s “Buy Here, Pay Here”. (They hand you the keys but hold on to the title!)

The current Realty Connexion management team has over 125 years of combined experience with this market niche in Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Missouri and has been operating The Realty Connexion and its predecessor companies in this manner for over 40 years in its Florida operations.  Martin Price, its CEO, is proud to report that the 3rd and 4th generations of the Price family are still in the day-to-day management of the company and since being licensed by the State of Florida in 1980, there has been no complaint with DBPR (the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations) regarding his real estate license nor with the BBB regarding its business operations).

In its Florida operations, there is currently a fully-performing, aged, accounts receivable portfolio of hundreds of accounts with an aggregate balance in excess of $3 million which is producing an average cash flow of over $65,000.00 monthly.  The average account principal balance is currently approx. $8,000.00

Because The Realty Connexion always purchases properties for cash and offers 100% financing to buyers, and because they currently wish to increase their lot inventory, they are offering the following incentives to investors:

They will discount their notes receivable to investors at an amount calculated to guarantee an ROI of 11.75% APR.

Each assigned mortgage/note will be fully guaranteed and collateralized  by:

(1)  the makers (lot buyers) contractual agreement to pay;

(2)  a buy-back or replacement guarantee by The Realty Connexion;

(3)  personal guarantees by corporate officers of the Corp;

(4)  full authority to declare the mortgage(s) in default and take ownership and possession of the real property.  (NOTE: since these are vacant lots and no “eviction” need be ordered, a foreclosure proceeding in Florida is quick and inexpensive).

Let’s say, for example, the investor/lender selects 15 accounts with an average principal balance of $8,000.  That is a $120,000.00 portfolio.  Assuming that the average contractual monthly installment per contract is $150.00 ($2,250.00 x 68 months in the aggregate), upon calculation of the discount to yield 11.75%, the purchase price is discounted from $120,000 down to $111,329.00    The investment is as follows:


If the lender/Investor is buying the paper (with all 4 levels of the guarantee in place), the purchase price is $111,329.00 and the investor collects the $2,250 per month over 68 months ($153,000.00) which amounts to an APR of 11.75% and interest earned is $42,000.00.  At closing, for additional security, the investor is entitled to select an additional 5 contracts for escrow security, totaling up to $40,000 in principal balances, with an aggregate monthly flow of $750.00 per month, which, if there is any shortfall not immediately resolved by the “4 levels of guarantee” stated above, the principal balances of the escrowed paper inure to the ownership of the Investor.


The Investor simply lends the funds, rather than buys the paper.  Using the same example of an advance of $111,329.00, the Investor would be returned $153,000.00  at $2,250 per month over 68 months, just as above.  For collateral, The Realty Connexion pledges 20 contracts totaling at least $160,000.00  and flowing at least $3,000.00 per month (with the same 4 levels of guarantee).

Notes: Some investors, based on tax and other considerations, buy paper while others prefer to remain simply lenders.  In either case, the Investor may (1) choose to collect and account for the monthly flow, (2) arrange for a third-party service agency or bank to handle collections, (3) have The Realty Connexion continue to collect, report, and remit to the Investor.  All closing costs and annual real estate taxes are the responsibility of the lot buyers and are guaranteed to be paid by The Realty Connexion.


If the investor is interested in a guaranteed yield but prefers a shorter-term rather than being concerned with “income”,  The Realty Connexion offers 36 months and 48 months, 12% APR  interest-only alternatives, which, in the $120,000.00 example above, the lender would receive a quarterly (interest only) payment of $3,525.00 and receive a full return of the $120,000.00 principal at the end of the selected 3 or 4 year term.

Minimum investment $100,000.00

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