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Since you are probably wondering, we want to share with you 2 easy steps to buying Florida lots & acreage from us at the Realty Connexion


Step 1. Choose your property

Choosing your property is the first step in the buying process. We suggest that you put the address into Google Maps or Google Earth and go down to street level and look around. (If the property in question does not specifically have a street address, please call (305) 333-7551 so that we can assist you in locating the property by Google Maps and GPS). Call us to ask any questions, and, if inconvenient to physically inspect the property, or if you live in another state or out of the country...

DON'T WORRY Our Guarantee* is that you have 3 full years to swap for any other property in our inventory!

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Step 2. Buy now before the property you have selected is gone

Ask for the "Buyer's Package" (plat map, survey, pictures & Warranty Deed Agreement). Until you sign the Agreement and return it with the 1st monthly payment, you are under no obligation to purchase.

There are 3 ways to buy:


Seller-financed properties are paid for in easy monthly installments. There is no credit check and no qualifying. Remit just the first monthly payment to us with your contract. Your Warranty Deed Agreement entitles you to immediate ownership and occupancy of the property. You are entitled to receive your recorded Warranty Deed when you have paid 50% of the purchase price.


Pay 10% deposit plus $380 closing costs with your initial contract. We do the paperwork and present you with the Title Search showing that the property is FREE & CLEAR (no liens or mortgages and that taxes are paid currently) and we provide you with a copy of your Warranty Deed (title). The balance of the purchase price is then due at closing about 10 to 14 days later.


Same procedure as above, except that instead of paying 100% of the purchase price, you pay only 25% and we, as the Sellers, take back a mortgage for 75% of the purchase price. Because there is a mortgage involved (with additional documents and recording costs), the Buyer's closing costs are $105.00 more, and are simply added to your mortgage amount. After the closing and recordation of your Warranty Deed, your monthly installment payments are as indicated on our website listing starting at $119 per month.

Monthly installment payments can be made in any of 6 different ways:

QUESTIONS? Call us at

Our Guarantee

is that you have 3 full years from the date of purchase to swap for any other property in our inventory and here is how it works:

You can swap for any other property currently, then, in our inventory for sale. It matters not whether you are selecting a more expensive property or a less expensive property, whatever principal amount(s) are paid in - you get to trade "dollar-for-dollar" and get credit for the amount paid in. The only things that are required is that you be a timely payer of all amounts specified to be paid, if you are on installment payments, and that your account be current. If you are a cash payer and have already received your deed, you will only pay, again, the specified closing cost fee.

Request More Information by Calling 305-333-7551 or Complete the Form Below

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